purpura bacca

Purpura bacca

First question: what exactly is purpura bacca?

The fruit size similar to grapes growing bunches after 700-900 berries are harvested twice a year. All of these features exploit a healthy lifestyle and even weight reduction. It’s pretty small pink berries growing on the acai palm tree. These palms grow mainly frequencies Flood plains and wetlands in central and South America.

Purpura bacca

For a very long time Acai berries are natives diet. Berries are high in fiber, omega fatty acids and antioxidants.
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If you’re interesting about the tree there’re these acai berries grows here it is: acai tree.


Using purpura bacca you can lose weight. Also you will kill some cancer cells. So i can say to you only good luck and hope these berries will help you to lose your undesired weight.